Useful Information 实用资讯

Compare prices

Do some comparison shopping before you buy. Price are usually clearly marked, particularly in shopping mall, department stores and chain stores. Some small shops and street markets do not always display prices, where bargaining may be possible. However, prior to any purchase, always confirm the price and the unit of measure used to derive the price.

Beware of parallel imports

Parallel imports are items brought into Hong Kong not by the official import agent. Parallel imports are usually cheaper as they often come with a restricted guarantee or limited after-sale service.

Beware of bait-and-switch tactics

This is when unscrupulous retailers showcase a product at an ambiguous price, but after receiving a deposit, claim the item is out of stock, They will then try to sell an often inferior item at an inflated price. Always look for clearly marked prices, shop around before you buy, know the product you want to buy, check for the included accessories, and never be rushed into buying something else. Better still, shop where you see the QTS sign.

Know your products

Research on the product or service you want to purchase as well as users’ experiences. Ask for details not provided in advertisements and promotional messages to better compare prices, quality and functions. When Buying Chinese medicine, tonic ingredients or dried seafood, pay attention to the quoted prices and weight. Do NOT allow the shop to dice or grind the goods. Before purchase of electronics, make sure you know what you want in terms of models, features, prices, accessories and warranty (including its geographical coverage). Call the Consumer Counsil Hotline at 2929 2222 for the names of sole agents of popular brands.

Check your receipts

Check that all details and verbal agreements are fully listed on the receipts. Always keep your receipts after purchase.

Credit card payment

Most Hong Kong shops accept credit cards. Check the credit card slip before signing it and remember to take your receipt. Credit card companies and/or banks issuing the cards may charge a currency exchange fee on overseas purchases. Please check with your credit card issuer for further details.

Shop safe

The Trade Descriptions Ordinance serves to enchance consumer protection. Consumers are advised to remain vigilant and address any queries they may have while shopping. Should there be any suspicious offers, consumers should turn them down firmly and leave the premises immediately. For enquiries or complaints, please call the Customs and Excise Department 24-hour hotline at 2815 7711 (General Enquiry) or 2545 6182 (Information Hotline).
Details of these provisions are available on the Customs’ website

Do not purchase pirated or fake goods

To protect your interests, please do not purchase pirated or counterfeit goods. Hong Kong Customs is the enforcement agency responsible for intellectual property rights protection. For enquiries, please call the Customs 24-hour hotline on 2815 7711.

Visitor Assistance

Consumer Council; 2929 2222 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, except public holidays). During non- office hours, leave a message at the above hotline and the CC will revert within three working days.

Piracy, counterfeit products or other complaints about violations of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance
Customs and Excise Department 24-hour hotline; 2545 6182

Serious disputes
Hong Kong Police: 999 (24 hours)

Plastic shopping bag charge

All retail businesses in Hong Kong are required to charge a minimum levy of HK$0.50 for each plastic shopping bag provided to customers. It also applies to the airtight foodstuff packaging provided by restaurants. Avoid the levy and be environmentally responsible by bringing your own bag. Please visit the Environmental Protection Department’s website for more details about the charge.

Air Construction Fee

For air tickets issued on or after 1 Auguest 2016, airlines will, at the time the air tickets are issued, collect the Airport Construction Fee from passengers departing at the Hong Kong International Airport (including origin-destination and transit/transfer). The fee ranges from HK$70 to HK$180 (depending on the flight distance, ticket class, and the flight type). The purpose of the fee collection is to fund the three-runway system expansion of the Hong Kong International Airport. For details, please visit


购物前,应该货比三家。留意价格标签上标示的产品价格和计量单位,并在购物前询问产品的售价和计算方法。在大部分商店,如购物商场、百货公司及连锁店,商品均以明码实价发售; 唯一些小型商店或露天市场的商品,可能唯有标明价格,购物前请先议定价钱。




有些不诚实的商户会以利诱手法, 游说消费者改变购买的决定,从而获取利益。常见的手法,是先以标价含糊的货品缺货,再游说您改买另外一件素质较差或价格较高的货品。为保障自己,购物时,宜选择明码实价的商店,并先比较市场价格、了解商品特点、查明售价包括的配件,再检查商品完整无缺,方才付款。我们建议您惠顾贴有【优质旅游服务】标志的商户,以享用信心保证。


购买前,建议收集产品或服务的资料,以及参考其他消费者的经验。详细查询广告和推销内容,尽可能了解产品或服务的全面资料,并比较同类产品的价格、品质和功能。购买中药材和参茸海味时,请查明商品单价及重量的计算方法,及尽量不要让店铺职员将货品切或磨成粉末。在购买电子产品前,请先了解不同型号的商品在功能、价格和配件上的分别,并留意有关保用证条款内容及适用地区。如需查询主要品牌的总代理资料,请致电消费者委员会热线 : 2929 2222。




您可以在香港大部分商店以信用卡签账付款。付款前,请查核账单资料及账项,正确无误可签署; 同时,请取回客户存根作为记录。 信用卡公司或发卡机构可能会就每宗海外签账向您微收外币兑换费,详情请向您的发卡机构查询。


《商品说明条例》旨在为消费者增加购物保障。海关提醒消费者在购物时须提高警觉性,如有怀疑即提出疑问。如发觉销售手法不妥,应坚决拒绝交易及立刻离开店铺。如有查询或投诉,请致电海关24小时热线 : (查询) 2815 7711/ (举报) 2545 6182。 有关资料,请浏览香港海关的网站


为保障您的权益,切勿购买盗版或冒牌商品。香港海关是负责保护知识产权的执法部门,如有查询,请致电香港海关24小时热线 : 2815 7711。


入境旅客如需寻求协助,可联络以下机构 :
•香港旅游业议会 – 入境旅行团 (登记店铺) 购物退款保障计划2807 0707
星期一至日上午9:00至午夜12:00 ; 非办公时间设有电话留言服务,职员将于下一个工作天内回复。
•消费者委员会 2929 2222 星期一至五上午9:00至下午5:30 ; 星期六 、 日 、 公众假期及非办公时间设有电话留言服务,职员将于三个工作天内回复。
可致电香港海关24小时举报热线 : 2545 6182

香港警察 : 999 (24小时)




于2016年8月1日或之后发出的机票,航空公司将于发出机票时向于香港国际机场离港的旅客 (包括离境或过境/转机) 收取机场建设费。收费水平有港币$70至港币$180不等 (视乎飞行距离、机票等级以及旅客类别而定)。微收机场建设费的目的是为香港机场三跑道系统广建项目提供资金。请浏览www.threerunwaysystem.com了解详情。

Hong Kong Tourism Board
Visitor Information Services

Hong Kong International Airport Visitor Centre

Buffer Halls A and B, Arrivals Level, Terminal 1 8am – 9pm daily


Lo Wu Information Centre 罗湖资讯中心

Arrival Hall, 2/F, Lo Wu Terminal Building


Hong Kong Island Visitor Centre 香港岛游客咨询中心

The Peak Piazza(between The Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria)
11am – 8pm daily


Kowloon Visitor Centre 九龙旅客咨询中心

Star Ferry Concourse, Tsim Sha Tsui
8am-8pm daily