Taxi Cab Companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport Taxis

For those who want to earn for more, join our group as we pick the increasing tourist at the airport.


Please refer to the Driver section for requirements for commercialize vehicle.

What to Enjoy

More profits due to the increasing tourist who make reservation to pick them up in the airport. Wide area coverage to pick up potential passengers.


HKIA Tower, Hong Kong 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport

Contact Number

+852 2181 8888

Taxi Prototype Available (Color Coding)

Urban Taxi (Red) New Territories Taxi (Green) Lantau Taxi (Blue)

Taxi Fare (By Meter)

$20/ 2 km (Red Taxi) $16. 50/ 2 km (Green Taxi) $ 15/ 2 km (Blue Taxi)