Wheelchair and Handicapped transfers in Limo or Taxis

Hong Kong is considered to have a superb economic stability in Asia. Although majority would agree that this republic has a smaller area however, this is not a hindrance for them to achieve progress. That is why; many would love to have a tour here, which rent a car is a boom today.

Hong Kong Limousine Service provides a tour package including limousine and taxis. They also give wheelchair assistance to the handicapped. You can make reservations by dialing their number at (852) 6941 5580. You may also visit them at 16G Red Bridge Crossing Kam Sheun, during their office hours between 9: am- 8pm, weekdays.

Airport and Seaport Terminal Transfers

Hong Kong is not only rich in land transportation, but also they have a world class sea and air terminal that gives package deal transfers.

Port of Hong Kong has a ferry terminal such as Hong Kong – Macau Terminal which you may contact at 2547 5265, or personally visit them at 202 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

Terminal One Location: Passenger Terminal Building Hong Kong International Airport Chek Lap Kok, Lantau Contact Number: 2183 1281

Terminal Two Location: Sky Plaza Road Hong Kong International Airport Chek Lap Kok, Lantau Contact Number: 2182 0511

Wedding Limo Packages

Now Hong Kong has beautiful scenery that is perfect for wedding events. But having a limousine as your main transportation during your special day is probably a good move.

The Ritz- Carlton, Hong Kong is a coordinator group that gives necessary facilities in weddings. Limo package deal is on top of their list, which you can grab by reaching them through phone at + 852 2263 2263. You may also visit them at their office on weekdays, from 8am to 4pm at International Commerce Center, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong so that you can personally check their facilities.

Event Limousine

Sports event is one of the most awaited in Hong Kong. This is because Chinese are naturally health conscious which makes them have longer life. So, Buffalo Limousine, a US based rent and car did not hesitate to make a franchise here at Hong Kong, after all it is a progressive city.

There are two contact numbers in which you can call with. First is there local hot line (716- 835- 4997), and their world wide contact number (1- 800- 599- 2088).

Their base fare usually starts at $385, using Sedan Limousine, with $40 additional for an hour extension.

Corporate Meetings and Conventions

Hong Kong is known as a business capital in Asia due to its tiger like economy. That is why; many business meetings are being held here, even international ones. Therefore, they have these world class facilities for seminar and other appointments.

Asia- World Expo is considered as one of the best choice in Asia because of its high excellent performance. They cater conventions and meetings. As a matter of fact, Asia World Summit and ITU Telecom World 2006 were once held here. If you are interested to avail for their facilities, you may contact them at 852- 360- 8888, or Fax them at (852)- 360- 8888.