Hong Kong Octopus Card

Octopus is one of the world’s most extensive smart card payment system, with over 50,000 reader being used by over 3,000 service provider in Hong Kong. Octopus comes with a refundable HK$50 deposit (minus HK$9 handling fee for cards returned within 3 months). Child ($70) Adult ($150) and Elder ($70) cards are available. For all enquiries please contact Octopus Customer Service Hotline At 2266 2222. Also the Airport Express Travel Passes include HK$50 refundable deposit with 1 or 2 single journey(s) on the Airport Express selling for HK$250 or HK$350. It is an ideal way to get around town!

八达通是香港通用的电子收费系统、应用在巴士、 铁路等共运输工具上,以及商店、食肆、停车场等以取代现金支付款项。须收取港币$50可获退还的按金及卡内全值可以退还,如持有 “八达通” 少于三个月则须扣除港币$9的服务费。备有小童($70)、成人($150)及长者($70)种类以供选择。详情可致电八达通顾客服务热线 2266 2222 查询。 另外, “机场快线旅游票” 除附有1程或2程机场快线车程, 亦可在3天内无限次乘搭港铁 (机场快线、东铁线头等、罗湖及落马洲站除外)。售价分为港币$250和港币$350 (包括港币$50可退还按金),是畅游香港必备之物!