Start your Lantau adventure with the upgraded Ngong Ping 360 潮玩大屿山, 昂坪360升级版

Tour and packages starting from just HK$255

Take a deep dive into an unforgettable experience! “360 Lantau Culture and Heritage Insight Tour” by 360 Holidays puts you deep within the unique ambiance of Lantau Island. On top of a round-trip cable ride, you’ll get a guided tour of Lantau’s best sights including the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. Take a boat tour, and step inside the stilt houses to feel the vibe of Tai O. Or indulge in local delicacies like the Chinese donut, fishballs and sweet tofu pudding. Your Sky-Land-Sea Lantau adventure starts here at Ngong Ping 360! Visit our website for details.

The 3.5-hr”360 Lantau Culture andHeritage Insight Tour” includes:
• Round-trip tickets for Ngong Ping 360
• Tea Culture Demonstration
• Tai O Boat Tour
• Stilt House Visit (Exclusive Tour)
• The Big Buddha
• Po Lin Monastery


体验要更深入,回忆才更深刻;因此360假期推出【360大屿山文化探索深度游】,带你体验大屿山的文化特色与水乡情怀。除了来回缆车,专业导游还会带你深入大小名胜,如到访天坛大佛和宝莲禅寺;登上大澳顾光小艇,亲身走入大澳棚屋体验渔村风情。还有各式地道小食如沙翁、大鱼旦和豆腐花等,让你尽情品尝。海陆空大屿游,由昂坪360出发! 详情请浏览官方网站。

• 昂坪缆车来回之旅
• 茶艺表演
• 大澳小艇游
• 参观棚屋(独家行程)
• 天坛大佛
• 宝莲禅寺