Environment & Hygiene 环境卫生


Hong Kong has strict laws to maintain environmental hygiene, including fixed penalty fines of HK$1,500 for littering or spitting. Hong Kong also maintains a high standard of hygiene facilities to better protect public health. Public washrooms, hand sanitisers can be commonly found in attractions, shopping malls to raise personal hygiene awareness. Please help to keep Hong Kong clean and beautiful! In addition, please remember to observe the rules and regulations of public venues including tourist attractions and shopping malls.

Smoking Ban

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places, including restaurants, karaokes, malls and bars. The smoking ban is also implemented on public transport facilities and in both indoor and outdoor areas of some premises such as public beaches and swimming pools, escalators, the Hong Kong Wetland Park. No person shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in designated no smoking areas, or else will be liable to a fixed penalty of HK$1,500.


香港法例订有严厉法则保持环境卫生,包括对乱丢垃圾及随处吐痰行为进行定额罚款港币$1,500。为保持环境卫生,香港亦保持高度卫生水平,大部分景点及商场均设有公众洗手间及净手消毒器。请协助保持香港市容清洁美丽!此外,香港的旅游景点 、 购物商场等公众场所,均有基本的秩序守则,敬请访港旅客留意。


所有室内公众地方均实施禁烟,包括餐馆 、卡拉OK 、 商场和酒吧。另外,禁烟规定也是涵盖公共交通工具 、公共运输设施及一些地方的室内和室外区域 , 例如公众泳滩及泳池 、自动梯 、 香港湿地公园 。 任何人不得在指定禁烟区吸烟或携带燃着的香烟 、雪茄或烟斗 、违者定额罚款港币$1,500。