Causeway Bay (A Must Go Spot) 铜锣湾 (必游点)

Causeway Bay is a popular torist spot which is filled with hot shopping spots in town. We are here to provide you an one day shopping trip and must-go in Causeway Bay!


After having a full breakfast, you can go to Belgium Diamond House which is situated in the 1/F of Windsor House. Inspired by the magnificent splendor and vividness of the Baroque period, the whole interior design integrated with the style of 17th century and art museum. Diamonds selected by customers are to be inlaid immediately by the professional craftsmen at the in-shop diamond processing workshop which diamonds can be collected in an hour. This offers customers a great sense of assurance by allowing them to observe the entire inlay process while showcasing them traditional Belgium inlay techniques at the same time.


World Trade Centre is a good choice for dinner. World Trade Centre has five Michelin Guide Recommended restaurants which you can enjoy quality food and the captivating scenery of the Victoria Harbour at the same time. Kiriyaki Japanese Restaurant on the 13rd floor insists on using high quality ingredients and serves sushi and sashimi that are freshly imported from Japan per day.
Apart from sushi and sashimi, they will also bibibon and Japanese modern cuisine. With wide range of Japanese fusion yakiniku, A5 wagyu, Kiriyaki can satisfy all consumers’ taste.


After having a pleasant lunch in the World Trade Centre, it’s time to continue shopping in the Fashion Walk. Fashion Walk is the biggest roadside shopping area and the must-go venue of all the fashionistas. There are various international brands’ flag-shops and characteristic double-storey shops from Great George Street to Patterson Street and Kingston Street which you can enjoy the fun of shopping in the green Pedestrian.