Taxis in Hong Kong are all metered, relatively cheap, air-conditioned and clean. The three types of taxis identified by colour: Red for Urban Taxis, Green for New Territories and Blue for this on Lantau Island.

The flag down rate ranges from HK$19 to HK$24 for the first 2 km, more…

with incremental charges from HK$1.2 to HK$1.7 for every subsequent 200m (depending on the type of taxi).

With the exception of some very remote areas, taxis are plentiful throughout Hong Kong. They can usually be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas) or summoned by phone. Hong Kong has 18,131 (at end of 2012) licensed taxis, providing a personalized point-to-point public transport service.

Taxi still remains to be one of the most popular and safest mode of transport in Hong Kong. Whether hailed on the street, called over the phone with one of the taxi hotlines, or found in queues in taxi ranks or stands, taxicabs are perfect for quick trips, especially if you are carrying baggage. Covering the majority of Hong Kong, taxis are the perfect flexible way to quickly see the city!


Hong Kong Taxi Cab

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Urban Taxi (Red Taxis)


The Urban Red Taxi is a company that operates throughout Hong Kong including the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland, (except Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau)

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New Territories Taxi (Green Taxis)


The green and white New Territory taxis are fundamentally confined to rural areas in the New Territories, the airport, and Hong Kong Disneyland but are permitted to serve certain locations in the urban area through specified routes

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Lantau Taxi (Blue Taxis)


Blue and white Lantau Taxis operate only on Lantau Island (including the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland).

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