Over 18,000 taxi cabs in Hong Kong serves more than a million people daily. Taxis are numerous and readily available, and fares are low compared with those in most cities. The three types of taxis in Hong Kong — Urban (red) taxis serve all areas in Hong Kong (except Tung Chung Road and South Lantau); New Territories (green) taxis in the New Territories; and Lantau Island (blue) taxis on Lantau Island operate at even lower rates.

Taxis are in plentiful supply day and night in urban areas and at public transport interchanges and can usually easily be hailed in the street or by a hotel concierge. In rural areas of the New Territories and on Lantau Island taxis are a little more scarce. Many drivers speak some English but it is wise to have your destination written in Chinese characters.

Taxi drivers expect a tip, but just round up the fare to the nearest dollar. Drivers cannot pick up or drop off passengers on restricted streets, which are marked with yellow lines. New Territories taxis will pick up and drop off only in the New Territories. If you have any queries or complaints, note the taxi’s number and call the 24-hour Police Hotline on +852 2527 7177.

Hong Kong Taxi Cab

red hong kong taxis
green hong kong taxis
blue hong kong taxis
Operating AreasUrban
All areas in Hong Kong (except Tung Chung Road and South Lantau)
New Territories
Northeastern New TerritoriesNorthwestern New TerritoriesDesignated pick-up / drop-off areas in other parts of New Territories
All areas in Lantau
Basic Charges (HK$)
For the first 2 km
Every subsequent 200 metres or part thereof /
Every period of 1 minute waiting time or part thereof
For meter fare below $72.5

For meter fare of $72.5 and above
For meter fare below $55.50

For meter fare of $55.50 and above
For meter fare below $132

For meter fare of $132 and above

Urban (Red) Taxis

Urban (Red) TaxisHotline
ABA Taxi Radio Call Services Centre+852 2729 6600
ABBO Taxi Owners’ Association+852 2383 0168
Chuen Lee Radio Taxis Association+852 2398 1881
CTOD Association+852 2343 3189
Digital Taxi Telecommunication Center+852 2720 6877
Fraternity Taxi Owners Association+852 2527 6324
Happy Taxi Operator’s Association+852 2728 8282
Hong Kong & Kowloon Radio Car Owners Association+852 2760 0455
Hong Kong Kowloon Taxi & Lorry Owners Association+852 2574 7311
Pak Kai Taxi Owners Association+852 2728 2281
Quadripartite Taxi Service Association+852 2332 2571
+852 2697 4333
Rights of Taxi (Si Hai) Telecommunication Centre+852 2697 4333
Rights of Taxi Owners & Drivers Association+852 2332 2571
+852 2697 4333
Royal Best Quality Taxi Association+852 2669 9822
The Kowloon Taxi Owners Association+852 2760 0411
The Taxi Operators Association+852 2362 2337
United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association+852 2760 0477
Wai Fat Taxi Owners Association+852 2861 1008
Wai Yik HK & KLN & NT Taxi Owners Association+852 2776 7885
+852 2776 7888
Wing Lee Radio Car Traders Association+852 2397 0922
Wing Tai Car Owners & Drivers Association+852 2527 8524

New Territories (Green) Taxis

New Territories (Green) TaxisHotline
Association of N.T. Radio Taxicabs+852 2657 2267
Fraternity Association of N.T. Taxi Merchants+852 2476 2266
H.K. Tele-call Taxi Association+852 2669 1088
N.T. Taxi Owners & Drivers Fraternal Association+852 2457 2266
N.T. Taxi-call Service Centre+852 2383 016
New Territories Taxi Merchants Association+852 2476 4247
North District Taxi Merchants Association+852 2677 8888
Sai Kung Taxi Operators Association+852 2729 1199
Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association+852 2450 2288
Taxi Association+852 2475 0417

Lantau (Blue) Taxis

Lantau (Blue) TaxisHotline
Lantau Taxi Association+852 2984 1328

Taxi Hong Kong Hotlines

Taxi Hong KongHotline
Road Co-op Lost & Found 24 Hours Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxis Hotline+852 1872 920
Transport Complaints Unit Hotline+852 2889 9999
Transport Department Customer Enquiries Hotline+852 2804 2600

Taxi Driver Commendation

Taxi Driver CommendationHotline
Hong Kong Police+852 2527 7177
Transport Complaints Unit+852 2889 9999
Consumer Council+852 2929 2222
Hong Kong Tourism Board+852 2508 1234
Airport Authority Hong Kong+852 2181 8888
Hong Kong Car ServicesHotline
Hong Kong Car Service+86 755 2595 1800
Parklane Limousine Service Group+852 23770733
Regent Limousine Service+852 8216 1266